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The Onyx story

Hi, I'm Wendy!

I'm a creative, dedicated, positive, open minded woman, mother and business owner.


The "Onyx" story started 15 years ago when I started up my own beauty and nails salon and I called it Onyx. Back then I already created my own jewels and sold them in my shop. The creativity never stopped but became more and more focussed on creating beautiful nails. So the beads got stowed in a box and didn't come out...until now.


I practise yoga, mindfulness, Biodanza and I'm a certified life coach.

I have loved semi-precious stones ever since I was a kid. 

I was looking around to find a beautiful mala but where I live it seems very hard to find.

So I came up with the idea to create my own mala. 

And so the onyx story continues... and is growing ever since.

Not only online...every item you see can be bought in my "real life" store, where I'm also working as a nail technician and offer creative workshops. 


Every piece of jewelry is handmade by me with all my love and dedication.


- With Love -


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